1. All competitors must hold a weekend pass to Cincy Westie Bash.

2. All competitors must check-in prior to competition and have the Bib Number assigned to them at the time of registration. 
3. All competitors must sign a waiver and are responsible for reading these guidelines.   Contestants under the age of 18 must-have parent/guardian sign a waiver.
4. All contests must have a minimum of five (5) couples to be a valid contest. ​​ 

Lead-and-Follow Critique Contests ($10 to enter, $15 after Feb. 19)

Competitors will be randomly paired with a partner to dance lead and follow to 2-4 songs picked by the DJ. Dancers compete before the judges and are scored according to Cincy Westie Bash scoring criteria: Timing, Footwork, Framing, Connection, Depth (Angels, Shapes, Levels, and Speed), and Musicality. One judge from each category will give you a score of 1-20 points, for a total of:
80 points for Novice Division: Timing, Footwork, Framing, and Connection
100 points for Intermediate Division: Depth, Timing, Footwork, Framing, and Connection.
120 points for Open and Masters Division: Musicality, Depth, Timing, Footwork, Framing, and Connection.
All competitors are required to attend the Mandatory Competitor's Meeting. All prelim and final scores will be posted by bib numbers.

1. Open Level: Recognized as an Advanced level dancer or above by the World Swing Dance Council Point Registry. 

2. Intermediate Level: Recognized as an Intermediate level dancer by the World Swing Dance Council Point Registry. 

3. Newcomer/Novice Level: Recognized as a Newcomer/Novice level dancer by the World Swing Dance Council Point Registry. 

4. Masters (Open Level): Must be at least 50 years of age. You may also dance in one “level” J&J.  

Swing 16 Tournament

 •  Cost is $10 to enter ($15 after Feb. 19)

 •  Open to all levels
•  Leaders must be male, followers must be female.
•  No lifts
•  Competitors must be at least 16 years of age. 
•  Winners (1st place) at a qualifying event can not participate in any other qualifiers until after the finals
•  Scoring will be based on solid swing content and technique.  Musicality and showmanship will be used as tie-breakers at each judge's discretion.

Click HERE for format and rules.

Team Challenge (free to enter)

Everyone who registers for a weekend pass will be entered into one of four teams.  Each team member will try to complete challenges individually and together to earn points.  The points will give their team advantages for the final team challenge to win the grand prize.  


Lead-and-Follow Critique Contest Division (Non-WSDC)




Masters Open

Swing 16 Tournament (Anyone can enter)